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How to Unlock Education Themes on Windows 11?

How to Unlock Education Themes on Windows 11

How to Unlock Education Themes on Windows 11: There are numerous ways to customize various aspects of Windows 11, including system icons, the Start menu, wallpapers, and more. When you change your theme and enable Dark mode, the colors of your windows, title bars, and outline change.

Microsoft has tucked away some useful new education themes in the Windows 11 2022 update (version 22H2) that you might want to try out for additional personalization options. With a quick Registry tweak, you can enable education themes in Windows 11. Here’s how to go about it.

How to Unlock Education Themes on Windows 11

Before proceeding, make a backup of the Registry, a Restore Point, or a complete backup image of your drive. If something goes wrong, you’ll be able to recover your system.

  • Firstly, open the Run dialog, by pressing the Windows key + R.
  • Enter regedit and press Enter or click OK.
  • Navigate to the following path once Registry Editor is open:
  • Select New > Key from the devices folder by right-clicking it.
  • Name the new Education key.
  • Click to highlight the newly created Education key. Select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value from the right panel’s context menu.
  • EnableEduThemes is the name of that value.
  • Change the value of EnableEduThemes from 0 to 1 by double-clicking it.
  • Close Registry Editor, restart Windows 11, and wait for the new education themes to download. Six new themes are available, and they will be downloaded automatically the next time you sign in.

The new education themes allow you to quickly customize the wallpaper and window accent colors. While the new themes are geared toward students, anyone running Windows 11 Home, Pro, or Enterprise can unlock them and customize their Windows 11 experience.

Note: Unlocking education themes necessitates modifying the Registry, which is not for the faint of heart. If you enter an incorrect value in the wrong location, your computer may become unstable and non-functional.

How to View or Change Theme on Windows 11

Now that you’ve unlocked the new education themes, you can try them out on your Windows 11 PC.

  • Right-click an empty desktop area and select Personalize from the context menu.
  • You’ll notice six new themes, which you can try out by clicking on them.
  • Click the theme once to see a preview, or double-click it to use it indefinitely until you change it.


So that’s how you can get your hands on the new Education themes for Windows 11. I really liked Windows 11’s new wallpapers and light theme. If you only want to access the colorful wallpapers, follow the instructions above. That’s all there is to this guide. Follow our in-depth tutorial linked here to customize the Taskbar in Windows 11. Furthermore, we have a dedicated guide for you to personalize the Windows 11 Start menu. 

Does Windows 11 have education version?

Windows for Education is available in three editions: Windows 11 SE, Windows 11 Pro Education, and Windows 11 Education. Windows 11 SE is a cloud-first edition of Windows 11 that was created to meet the unique requirements of K-8 education.

How do I access themes in Windows 11?

Students and faculty can benefit from Windows 11 education. Get Windows 11 Education today for little to no cost from your school’s online store, and you’ll have it for life.

Is Windows 11 education better than Pro?

Windows 11 Education is primarily used in schools and universities for educational purposes. It will have all of the main features, but Windows 11 Pro will have more features than Windows 11 Education. The following URL provides a detailed comparison of the features.

Does Windows 11 education expire?

Your software belongs to you and will not expire.

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