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Font Awesome Pro - Icon Library plus Toolkit

Php Script Font Awesome Pro - Icon Library plus Toolkit 6.5.2

Font Awesome Pro - Icon Library plus Toolkit

Take the hassle out of icons in your website.

Font Awesome Pro is the Internet's icon library and toolkit, used by millions of designers, developers, and content creators.

Discover what's new in Font Awesome.

More Icons

Font Awesome 6 contains over 7,000 new icons, so you're sure to find what you need for your project. Plus, we've redesigned most of our icons from scratch, so they're more consistent and easier to use.

More Styles

Font Awesome 6 includes five icons styles: solid, regular, light, duotone, and the new THIN style — not to mention all of our brand icons. And coming later in 2022 is the entirely new SHARP family of styles.

More Plugins + Packages

Font Awesome 6 makes it even easier to use icons where you want to. More plugins and packages to match your stack. Less time wrestling browser rendering.


Released April 1, 2024




  • Fixed an issue where calendar-lines in Sharp Regular wasn't actually sharp
  • Fixed the duotone styling of printer, fax, and shredder
  • Fixed spacing in the location-check icon
  • Fixed an issue with the SVG of face-kiss-beam
  • Filled in some missing icons in the arrow-to/from-bracket icon series
  • Update the TypeScript definition for Library.add() to allow an array of icon defintions
  • Animation CSS custom property --fa-rotate-by now has a correct default value of 0
  • Fixed some Less variable issues with --fa-bounce